About the Author

Born and raised in Langley, British Columbia, Michael has been passionate about public service and politics since his early teens. He co-founded the non-profit Langley Youth for the Fallen with his older sister when he was 13, and two years later, after working with the Township of Langley administration, the Federal government, local businesses, service groups and schools and raising close to $100,000, their dream came true. “A Walk to Remember”- a memorial dedicated to the men and women who fell serving Canada in the Afghan War - was officially opened on November 11, 2012, at the Derek Doubleday Arboretum. It is the only memorial of its kind in Canada, with 162 trees being planted to represent the fallen soldiers as well as civilians, and a central commemorative structure built.

Michael has worked in the Ottawa office of his Member of Parliament, has served on the UBC Senate and as Chairperson of the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society, and most recently competed in the 2018 Municipal Election in his hometown of Langley, where he missed out on being elected by 377 votes. 


He believes that Millennials and Generation Z-ers are misunderstood and often neglected generations, and hopes that by discussing the important issues that affect everyone, we can raise awareness and increase engagement in every generation. We need Millennials to be informed and we need them to care because it's only when every generation works together that we will have lasting solutions. 



Langley, BC

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